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Aaron Van Erp




Dutch painter Aaron Van Erp carries the elements of the everyday to a new level of scrutiny in his compelling compositions of quotidian objects.

On one level, these subjects bear a sense of familiarity and thus are an immediate source of relatability for the viewer. At the same time, though, these objects appear lost within barren, desolate spaces. These unnerving settings change the ways in which these objects are viewed, thus transforming the viewer’s relationship to them as well.

Born in the Netherlands in 1978, van Erp is based in Eindhoven. He has enjoyed the opportunity to showcase his works in a variety of locales. Recent exhibitions include “In Between, Feldbuschwiesnerrudolph” in Berlin (2016) and “Planet Water” at Kunstverein Bad Salzdetfurth in Bad Salzdetfurth (2018).

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