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Cosimo Casoni




Cosimo Casoni (1990) lives and works between the Tuscan Maremma and Milan. His work mainly focuses on painting and its possibilities, in a view of a constant art-life relationship.

Casoni was born as a figurative painter and, partly, he still is. The artist combines the traditional themes of landscape and still life with various post-graffiti styles: in particular “skate painting” and “fingertricks”.

In recent years, these two approaches have characterized his research, which has mainly focused on the study of the “sign” as a vehicle of evocative, aesthetic and compositional aspects. Actions such as using the skateboard deck as a large brush, or marking the pictorial material with fingers, are used both individually and as part and parcel of more complex works, through a pictorial process structured in layers, made of overlaps and cancellations.

The artist’s restless nature is combined with an opposing desire for order: geometry becomes the enclosure in which to dare and experiment; his creative process consists in a continuous exercise based on the alternation of planning and improvising, moments of action and of thought.


Casoni’s paintings look like rebuses with no single solution, in which the collective imagination meets the artist’s personal experience. His pictures represent a mental space in which the artist can organize the elements, the actions and the techniques as instruments on a score. By looking for possible meanings and new visual geographies,

Casoni creates images that live in balance between stillness and movement, reality and illusion.

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