A new contemporary Collective Intelligence for Rome, a new journey to one of the most important Roman palaces of the nineteenth century: Palazzo Brancaccio



The Eternal City will see the return of one of the major historic buildings transformed into a multidisciplinary center of which citizens will be able to regain possession and experience it on a daily basis.

This new project will be the embodiment of collective intelligence, or that intelligence based on the cooperation of a community of people able to communicate with each other overcoming the limits of individual cognition.



In this new space, Contemporary Cluster continues to promote and produce a new concept of artistic culture, paying attention to the different aspects of visual cultures: fluidity, cross-mediality and cooperation. Africano is a fluid, ibrid and total space aimed at representing contemporaneity as a unique space through the meeting of different artistic disciplines united under the Cluster method.   


Tube is a cognitive journey in which the viewer gradually abandons the rationality of the city routine to enter an imaginative and conceptual dimension where people interact with a series of digital content. Tube activity is curated by the multidisciplinary creative studio Visioni Parallele that deals with cultural dissemination through visual communication projects and contemporary languages, creating a hybridization between interdisciplinary languages and artistic visions.     



Apartamento is an exhibition place that explores the domestic area of living. This space is an opportunity to reflect about the idea of living and put into practice new experimental settings, always characterized by the contamination of styles: historical designs and new contemporary brands cohabit together to create a perfect harmony.


 The project is proposed as an analysis of the most underground, monumental, hidden and dark space, in stark contrast to the African and Apartamento environments, where a brighter and more wide-ranging atmosphere reigns. This new space allows you to start a project on the investigation of dark culture without upsetting its nature, and of contemporaneity in its entirety welcomed in a rough masonry environment, covered by a cross vault in a single open space with a majestic appearance