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Jonathan Vivacqua




Born in Erba (Como) in 1986. Lives and works in Milan. Space is the feld of action of Jonathan Vivacqua. The perimeter where he works is redefned by sculptures and installations that create spatial extensions with linear, circular and ascending movements, playing between solids and voids, lights and shadows.


The artist’s process is deeply focused on architecture, construction and spatial studies, with particular attention on the building process. Plexiglass, aluminium and iron bars are some of the humble materials used by the artist who enhances their esthetical-functional features, with skillfull elegance and sensitivity, giving to the artwork a harmonic balance. Manual labour is his distinctive feature. He is driven by curiosity and the willing to experiment. Linear geometrical shapes, items from household and apparently anonymous space are reshaped by the artist. The aim is to create new ways to construct, developing a new relationship with the human element.

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