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Here the books born from our exhibition project. 

KOMPAKT 1993 - 2023

On the occasion of 30th anniversary Contemporary Cluster invited Kompakt Records to a vinyl and art exhibition curated by Claudia Attimonelli, showcasing "The visual side of music". This book celebrates the longevity of a project that started in 1993 in Cologne by five music-loving friends, and that today has become the multi-layered factory, where digital and analogue art, graphics, vinyl culture and dance culture collide and connect.


The book "Kompakt - 1993 2023 - The visual side of music" presents the visual side of music and the free philosophy of creating and living music, art and life under one roof, the house of Kompakt. 



Seven appointments during one year to describe 22 years of research.

This is the aim of JBROCK: SETTE VARIAZIONI 2000-2022, the catalogue of the exhibition by the same name that shows the evolutions, during time and events, of the Ciccio, the iconic character that made JBROCK famous in Italy and abroad.

JBROCK and his friend and photographer Niccolo Berretta during 2022 – with the curator Giacomo Guidi for Contemporary Cluster – have placed the Ciccio around the city of Rome and started photographing people who pass by. This happening was replaced in the most beautiful and significant place of the Eternal City, from the turistic Campo dè Fiori to the Skatepark, from the night place Ponte Milvio to the flea market of Portaportese.

JBROCK: SETTE VARIAZIONI 2000-2022 is the book that, in 88 pages and more than 300 images, resume this amazing project. It is realized in ony 200 copies, each one numbered and signed by the artist on the cover.

Grab yours before it’s too late.


Spazio Forma Ritmo . e A "Capo"

Catalogue of the exhibition Spazio Forma Ritmo . e A "Capo" curated by Davide Silvioli, realized at the Civico Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Anticoli Corrado with the artists Giulia Apice, Dario Carratta, Valerio Di Fiore, Marco Emmanuele, Alessandro Giannì, Sue Kennington, Aryan Ozmaei, Andrea Polichetti. In an attempt to critically substantiate the analogies that establish reciprocity between disparate expressions in time and space, the exhibition establishes a consecutio temporum between the twentieth century and contemporaneity. According to these accents, the project presents works by emerging and mid-career artists, with the collateral purpose of paying tribute to one of the most important personalities of the Italian twentieth century, with an international scope: Giuseppe Capogrossi.




Catalogue of the exhibition BAGNI MISTERIOSI curated by Contemporary Cluster for Sporting Beach Art. The exhibition took place in Ostia (Rome) in October 2022. The artists on display are Paolo Assenza, Fabrizio Cicero, Katia Pugach, Germano Serafini, Marco Bernardi, Davide Serpetti, Lapo Simeoni, Luca di Terlizzi, Caterina Sammartino, Emanuele Fasciani, Verdiana Bove, Francesca Cicia, Marco Emmanuele, Alessandro Giannì, Andrea Polichetti, Valerio Di Fiore, Dario Carratta, Cristina Piciacchia, Marco Affaitati, Lorenzo Pace, Cristallo Odescalchi, Silvio Saccà, Giulia Apice, Niccolò De Napoli, Jacopo Natoli, Gian Maria Marcaccini, Bianca Millan, Delfina Giannattasio, Margherita Ferro, Maddalena Scuderoni, Elia 900, Leonardo Crudi e Marco 900.



A journey into the taboo of death through the eyes of by Simone H. Salvatori. 

Without any morbidity, with calm and cold awareness, the project "Morgue Ensemble" takes the greatest taboo of mankind and breaks it to pieces.  Death reveals the conditio sine qua non of living: "Living is never anything but living one’s own death", writes R.M. Rilke. Yet, today more than ever, we fail to accept our organic predisposition in the end. We continue to deny it, to reject it, to run away thanks to medicine and science. And we manage to the maximum, at best, to consider "the death of the other", never ours, unable, obviously to live it: it is always the others who die, not us.


Guido Gazzilli / Paolo Emilio Cenciarelli

Paolo Emilio Cenciarelli and Guido Gazzilli were born in the same street, then among graffiti, first cigarettes and skateboards were found in the photograph. Even in a succession of events have always remained linked; Rome has seen them walk often together; between places in light as well as in shadow and moments of the city that for years love, hate and tell both. Of each of their little deaths they recounted the resurrection, the joy of stumbling, the tears before the holidays, mirroring each other and now among them in this four-handed tale. "No tears for the likes of us, just big parties". The book contains photos of the exhibition 324/287 TREDUEQUATTRO DUEOTTOSETTE.



Stuck is a visual diary set up as a sort of modular cut up: clues revealed and hidden in a microworld where there is what you see and what could be.

A visit without a guide and no caption: evade the pitfalls of the staging preparatory to the solution or escape from the lie is good and right, as well as clearly inapplicable. The catalogue contains photos of the exhibition Stuck held in October 2021. 

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