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Contemporary Cluster #17 PPPattern's first open call

a cura di PPPattern

15 unpublished artworks, selected by a special jury, which are transformed into wallpapers and are accompanied by original design / communication / furniture from the 1950s. A formidable and immersive set, which enhances talents from all over Italy.

feat. Rosenthal, Pietro Sedda

Inspired by the savage beauty of the sea and by those who dared challenge the waves, the italian tattoo artist, and his label The Saint Mariner, have created a fascinating set of illustrations, in watercolor and ink. The combination of light brushstrokes and of archaic figures creates a unique aesthetic, between dream and reality.

Contemporary Cluster #13 The Architectura Eloquentia

feat. Antonio Barbieri, Formanuda Design, Patrik Grijalvo, Greg Jager, Gustavo Martini, ROBOCOOP, Eva Szumilas

The concepts of firmitas (solidity), utilitas (function) and venustas (beauty) are the pillars of this art exhibition, in which, every partecipant, give his vision of the vetruvians ideas about architecture.

#12 Intergalattic.jpg

Contemporary Cluster #11 Furia

feat.  Paolo Cenciarelli, Wk Interact, Constant Clesse, Simona Muzzeddu, Mosais 

Through the photography collection of Paolo Cenciarelli, pays tribute to those who are the soul of this city, those who have sacrificed everything on the altar of truth by narrating the real face of Rome. The photographs are collected within the desecrating book “Vangelo”, published by Drago.

#10 Cinetica.jpg

Contemporary Cluster #09 Bauhaus Club

feat. Brad Howe, Marco Casentini, Carlo Bernardini, Leonardo Crudi, Artiva, Stefano Barattini, Sergio Picciaredda, Paolo Monti, Mario Caruana  

Contemporary Cluster & TEMP0 present new contents closely connected to the experience of the well-known artistic-architectural movement of the twentieth century, Bauhaus

#8 Mutazioni.jpeg

Contemporary Cluster #07

feat. Demsky J, Malcom X, Curci

First Italian solo exhibition of street artist J. Demsky, created in collaboration with DRAGO Publisher, which offers the public a wide selection of works exclusively for Contemporary Cluster, set up on the Palazzo's main floor.


Contemporary Cluster #05

feat. TADAO CERN, Okiiko, Blood Concept

An absolutely new concept for a project in which the artist declines his research in different sectors of contemporary life. A comparison between different disciplines that gives rise to a continually evolving creative fusion, offering an exclusive sensorial experience,


Contemporary Cluster #03 Triptych

feat. Mustafa Sabbagh, Angelo Cricchi, Matteo Basilé

To be exhibited will be a selection of the most representative works made by Sabbagh, Cricchi and Basilé together with a shared work born from the exchange that took place during the workshop.
#13 The Architectura Eloquentia.jpg

Contemporary Cluster #12 Intergalactic

feat. Luca Pozzi, Gianluca Alla, Alessandro Isola, Martina Maccianti, Alexandre Bavard

A voyage beyond space and time, the discovery of the un-known, of the infinite space and of what our physic is not able to explain. The exploration of what is outside, accompanied by five exceptional passengers.

#11 Furia.png

Contemporary Cluster #10 Cinetica

feat. Antonio Barrese, Alberto Marangoni, Gruppo Mid, Nicolas Schöffer, Osvaldo Romberg, Fabrizio D’Arpino, Vitelli

CINETICA explains the extensive continuity of the artistic work of Antonio Barrese and Alberto Marangoni, from the beginnings of the MID Group to today, which have imbued their poetic with the change, the vital effect of the movement.

#9 Bauhaus Club.jpeg

Contemporary Cluster #08

feat. Dario Ghibaudo, Roberto Baldazzini 

A selection of sculptural and graphic works of the Museum of Unnatural History, a project based on the encyclopedic system of cataloging and scientific recording aimed at an ironic analysis on the border between utopia and dystopia.


Contemporary Cluster #06

feat. Ciriaco Campus, Gerald Bruneau, Paolo Cenciarelli, Piero Mottola

Institutional criticism, provocative removal from the conventional stylistic elements of the artistic system, irreverence are some of the salient features of a journey through matter, suspended between reality and fiction, between past and present.


Contemporary Cluster #04

feat. Caroline Heider

What photography reproduces to infinity has taken place only once: it repeats mechanically what will never be repeated existentially.

Schermata 2018-08-01 alle 00.01.51.png

Contemporary Cluster #02

feat. Mustafa Sabbagh

Honor to Nero, a photographic series that made him famous in the international art scene, and to dig deeper into his Nero, injecting him with unpublished works conceived specifically for Cluster.

Contemporary Cluster #15 Archeopittura

The genesis of Archeopittura is a dialogue between elements apparently distant, but close by fate, which cross history to explain time and resist to it. Ancient and contemporary art appear, therefore, as two extremely distant ways but which actually contain a common goal, technique and research. An investigation of what is the meaning of art, in its most extreme rappresentations.

#15 Cilla Marea.jpg

Contemporary Cluster #14 Cilla Marea

An exhibition experiment that intends to explore the effects of the relationship between text and image. Painted fabrics are installed throughout the perimeter of the gallery. The perceptual effect produced by the installation has the intention of stimulating unconscious and automatic associations in the public.

Contemporary Cluster #16 Buildt on a Lie

a cura di Numero Cromatico

Contemporary Cluster #01

feat. Alessandro Cannistrà

An absolutely new concept for a personal project in which the artist declines his research in different sectors of contemporary life.

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