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Contemporary Cluster

Via dei Barbieri, 7

00186 Roma

Monday: Closed
Tue - Wed: 10:00 – 20:00

Thu - Sat: 10:00 - 02:00

Sunday:  Closed


Contemporary Cluster #07

feat. Demsky J, Malcom X, Curci

First Italian solo exhibition of street artist J. Demsky, created in collaboration with DRAGO Publisher, which offers the public a wide selection of works exclusively for Contemporary Cluster, set up on the Palazzo's main floor.


Contemporary Cluster #05

feat. TADAO CERN, Okiiko, Blood Concept

An absolutely new concept for a project in which the artist declines his research in different sectors of contemporary life. A comparison between different disciplines that gives rise to a continually evolving creative fusion, offering an exclusive sensorial experience,


Contemporary Cluster #03 Triptych

feat. Mustafa Sabbagh, Angelo Cricchi, Matteo Basilé

To be exhibited will be a selection of the most representative works made by Sabbagh, Cricchi and Basilé together with a shared work born from the exchange that took place during the workshop.

Contemporary Cluster #01

feat. Alessandro Cannistrà

An absolutely new concept for a personal project in which the artist declines his research in different sectors of contemporary life.


Contemporary Cluster #06

feat. Ciriaco Campus, Gerald Bruneau, Paolo Cenciarelli, Piero Mottola

Institutional criticism, provocative removal from the conventional stylistic elements of the artistic system, irreverence are some of the salient features of a journey through matter, suspended between reality and fiction, between past and present.


Contemporary Cluster #04

feat. Caroline Heider

What photography reproduces to infinity has taken place only once: it repeats mechanically what will never be repeated existentially.

Schermata 2018-08-01 alle 00.01.51.png

Contemporary Cluster #02

feat. Mustafa Sabbagh

Honor to Nero, a photographic series that made him famous in the international art scene, and to dig deeper into his Nero, injecting him with unpublished works conceived specifically for Cluster.



Alessandro Cannistrà

Mustafa Sabbagh

Angelo Cricchi

Matteo Basilè

Tadao Cern


Gerard Bruno

Piero Mottola

Ciriaco Campus

Joe Clarke

Dario Ghibaudo

Roberto Baldazzini

Marco Casentini

Brad Howe

Carlo Bernardini

Sergio Picciaredda

Paolo Cenciarelli